Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have you now

Well, after using Google to search thru Adventure Rider's forums, I discovered that there is an on-line resource that shows the rear rack.  As previously theorized, the rack was standard on 1989-90 NX125s.  So, pictured at right is the rear fender (upper left), the sub-frame (lower left) and the rack.  Now that I have a tubing bender, I'm wondering how tough it would be to bend some tube into that inverted "u" shape that forms the main hoop.  The hard part will be flattening the tube ends and not splitting the tube.  Also, there's a slight in-ward bend so the main rack tube clears the frame.  The gussets won't to too hard to fabricate and the rack section itself needs to be square tube anyway.  I'm not sure what the "figure 8" shaped piece does (it's fastened to the rack with the grommet [5], washer [4], bolt [15] assembly).  It's not numbered and therefore not identified on the on-line parts fiche.  This also does not address where the turn signals would go.  I could easily weld on a short piece of tube, to the gusset, that would accept the turn signals in roughly the (current) stock location, I suppose.  Lastly, I see that the rack has some short nubs which protrude thru the fender (where the grommets [6]) are.  I was under the impression that those holes might be for support.  They aren't.  But, at the same time, they don't appear to be necessary either.

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