Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello: Winter

Sorry for being away for so long.. I honestly was hoping that there would be some additional riding time, after Thanksgiving (here in the US), but it was not to be. While we're still snow free here in Chicago, the morning temperatures are now below my 'pain' threshold. That is, I cannot ride to work without losing feeling in my fingers and/or toes. While I love riding, it's not worth the price.

Back to the NX's battery issues; after checking things out and having the battery sit on the trickle charger over-night, I never had any more trouble. What? Yeah, that seemed very strange to me as well. All electrical components check out per the shop manual. The battery is approximately one year old. I don't know what else to check or any other explanation. I'll chalk it up a a Beta particle passing through...

With respect to winterizing the NX, it was pretty simple; I changed the oil, hooked the battery to the trickle charger and parked the bike in the front of my (heated) garage. I do need to get some sort of fuel stabilizer into the remaining fuel in the tank (which isn't much, at this point). I will dump the remaining fuel, from my DR650SE into the NX's tank. I've heard that Seafoam makes a good fuel stabilizer (I've been using Sta-Bil) and may try it. The DR is getting totally torn down this winter so the frame can be powder-coated (which is what I've been spending my spare time on). I will take the opportunity to have the NX's engine shield and rear rack powder-coated as well. The engine shield takes a little too much abuse to just be painted (white) and the rear rack (black) has been abused by previous owners and needs to be re-freshened.

I'll be on vacation next week (Orlando, FL - Disney & Universal Studios) and shortly thereafter comes Christmas and New Year's. So, if I don't post until 2012, have a great holiday season!!

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