Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Old Man Winter - Still Not Done

This week has been miserable with respect to riding conditions. I awoke to 1/2" of slushy snow on Monday, with appropriate temperatures. Tuesday's weather can aptly be described as "soaked" (I'm pretty sure it rained 90% of the day) and Wednesday (today) started with soggy conditions and drizzle. Throw in some severe weather during the overnight hours and you've got one water-logged week as of this writing. Needless to say, the NX remains ensconced in the garage.

I decided to purchase a used ATC200X carburetor to see if the body can be used in place of the original equipment unit. The price was right so if it turns out to be fruitless, I'm out less than $30. I have also decided to contact Sudco to inquire about the the Keihin PE series of carburetors they sell. From the looks of things, the PE is very similar to the PD series (which is what the NX came with from the factory). Perhaps a new carburetor is what's needed to make this bike as reliable as dirt.

The Seattle Sports waterproof backpack arrived and looks like it will work as planned. I will need to experiment with loading the pack and attaching it to the NX but I think this will be a better option than using the heavy top case.

Good Friday is a holiday for my company so I'll have a three day weekend to see if I can't get everything sorted. Hopefully the (used) carburetor will arrive before Saturday.

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