Friday, June 17, 2011

Change of Heart on the Top Case

As I previously mentioned, I've decided that I don't like the Givi Top Case on the rack I made for the NX. I specifically don't like the amount of weight that the base plate, top case and contents of the top case put on the turn signals. I may rethink this decision if I have the opportunity to modify the rack itself but I'm thinking I'll stick with what I have now; an original equipment rear rack off of an early Honda TransAlp.
Sorry, this is the best picture I could find, on the 'Net, without resorting to running outside to take a picture of the rack now on the NX. So, the laptop, in it's sleeve, is lashed to the rack with ROK Straps and my remaining items go in the Seal Line Shoulder (Messenger) Bag which is waterproof. I like the messenger bag concept because it allows the bag to rest on the rear portion of the seat while I'm riding. And, the bag comes with a waist strap to keep the bag positioned directly behind me. Lastly, the bag's color is orange which contrasts nicely with my hi-viz Olympia Bushwacker jacket. Earlier this week my brother-in-law was unceremoniously punted off his cruiser, while attempting a left turn into his chiropractor's office, by some nineteen year old idiot who wasn't paying attention. So, I'm a little sensitive about being visible right about now. So, far, the combination has worked well. I have some concerns about the jacket's ability to flow air with the bag sitting just behind the small of my back. Hot temperatures aren't too far off and I'd like to stay somewhat cool during my commute in the Dog Days of Summer.

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