Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet the New Parts ("the" solution?)

Not the same as the old parts, that's for sure. In an effort to eliminate some of the more basic issues that could be the root cause of 'the hesitation', I replaced as many carburetor rubber pieces as I could. It seems to have had a positive effect and cured (?) the issue. So far, so good.
Here's what I had planned to replace: (sorry my captions are too small to see/read) that irregular shaped gasket is for the float bowl. Inside of that is the gasket for the carburetor slide cap. Inside of that is an o-ring who's purpose escapes me (it wasn't used). Below the irregularly shaped gasket is the carburetor-to-intake o-ring. To the right of that (lower right) is the intake-to-cylinder head o-ring. In the upper right hand corner is the o-ring and washer for the air/fuel mixture screw. I had previously used Permatex Ultra-Blue to help seal the old float bowl gasket. I opted not to replace that gasket because I did not want to install the richer main jet (I wanted to see if the stock jetting would work appropriately). It turns out I will not need to use the richer (#102) main jet, the NX runs just fine with the stock jetting. At some point, I will replace the old float bowl gasket but there obviously isn't any urgent need. The image of the air/fuel mixture screw (below) shows the new parts on the screw, the old parts to the right and a small hook I made out of safety wire (in the middle). The hook was necessary to pull the old o-ring and washer out of the carburetor body.
Manifold-to-Cylinder Head O-Ring
Carb-to-Manifold O-Ring
Slide Cap "O-Gasket"
Air/Fuel Mixture Screw

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