Monday, September 26, 2011

The Honda NX-Series - Non-U.S.

I made a new friend through the Adventure Rider forums. I was actually poking through the NX250 discussion thread and came across someone that was looking for information for the NX125. So, I replied. I never got a response, from that person, but did hear from "Leo.G" in Argentina. It seems that Leo has an NX150 which is more similar to the NX125 than the NX250 (there seem to be quite a few NX250 owners but not so many NX125 owners, on AdvRider). After trading a few private messages, Leo was kind enough to send me some images of his NX150 as well as an NX200 of a friend.

So, let's have a look:

If you're headed to the gym, be sure to hop on your 1991 NX150. Be prepared to endure comments about your Flashdance outfit and being "stuck" in the 80s.

For comparison, here's Leo's NX150. Note the masculine black/blue color scheme and distinct lack of spandex.

Leo also included some images of an NX200. I think I prefer the look of the low front fender (no offense Leo). I'm also jealous of the color choices (the NX125 came only in white in the US). That cinnamon red is sexy! It appears that the rear rack was a common option available all over the world.

If I recall correctly, Leo said this NX used to belong to a friend of his.

A big thanks to Leo for sharing.

Here's another version of the NX, an NX400 Falcon. I found this picture in a ride report thread, over on Adventure Rider.

Here's a random internet shot of the same bike, courtesy of Google:

I wonder if that's the same motor as the XR400.

You may be wondering why, all of a sudden, that I have an interest in more engine displacement. Well, it appears that the company, for which I am employed, is going to move. It will be three miles, each way, closer to home. However, the roads that I will need to traverse are much more heavily traveled and have a higher speed limit. While the NX, in its current configuration, is capable of the necessary speed, it lacks quickness; the ability to quickly out-accelerate a car or large truck. So, I thought about the NX250. However, I kind of like the 21"/18" wheel combination and, as you might have read previously, think that the NX125 would make an adventure bike if it had a few more cc of engine displacement. So, instead of an NX250, perhaps it's time to consider an engine swap. The motor out of an 1986-93 XR200R (or 1986-87 TLR200) appears to be based on the same basic design. Simply swap in a donor motor and off we go. OR, perhaps it's more fun/interesting to build a "sleeper" motor. I have a spare 125cc motor out of an NX125. Could it be as simple as swapping the liner and piston? I'd have to think the cam would be involved as well as the carburetor. More research is going to be necessary. Just in time for winter........

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  1. The Brazilian NX 150 was created only to take advantage of a loophole during the presidential term of José Sarney, when motorcycles below 150cc had their prices regulated by the government. The high front fender was there to make it an effective replacement to the XL 125 that got phased out when the NX 150 was released. There were actually some export-only versions of the NX 125 made in Brazil, though they were simpler than their Japanese counterparts (at least the front brake relied on a drum instead of the disc, but I'm not sure if it used the same Japanese OHC engine with an electric starter or the Brazilian pushrod one fitted to the CG 125 with a kick-starter).