Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend: Washington DC

My wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary (belatedly) by spending the Labor Day weekend in Washington DC. I have to say that DC is the most bike/bicycle/scooter friendly metropolitan area I've been to in some time (and I live in the Chicago suburbs). Chicago touts itself as being very bicycle friendly, I think it has serious competition. DC has taken the ZipCar idea and applied to to bicycles. Capitol BikeShare appears to be very popular with both locals and tourists alike. I'm guessing one of the main reasons for this is the concentrated downtown area where you can easily access businesses and tourist attractions. My wife and I walked to almost every place we visited. We figure that we walked about sixteen miles over the course of two and a half days. You can even take the train from Reagan/National airport to the downtown area. We did not rent a car, there's no need unless you need to get outside the Beltway. I did see this parked in the George Washington University footprint:

No license plate so I'm guessing that's got an engine less than 150cc. Looks like a blast to me. Small scooters, like the Honda SH150i, abound. Small bikes, up to 250cc, would be just as advantageous.

A note for those of you, from other countries, that are thinking of visiting the US: please have a basic knowledge of the English language. If I cannot communicate with you, I cannot help you. Also, leave your (bad) attitude at home. Don't come to my country and then get bent-out-of-shape when no one speaks your language or you don't like the rules. The typical American is not multilingual but some museum employees are. If you respect us, we will respect you.

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