Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winter's Coming - Help Choose a Project

As much as I hate to admit it, my riding season is drawing to a close. While it's beautiful here today; mostly sunny, breezy and about 70º F, the weather will change drastically tonight and I'll be lucky if tomorrow's high temperature is in the lower 50s. I still hope to squeeze in another month on the NX but I'm not certain it that will be possible.

So, help me select an NX-related winter project. I have a spare set of front forks and was thinking of rebuilding them and, of course, documenting the process. Or, I have a spare motor and could do a tear-down or do a tear-down/rebuild (it's missing a camshaft which is no longer available from Honda. It also needs an intake valve but those are available). A motor rebuild is going to be a little more expensive, than a fork rebuild, especially if the cylinder needs to be bored or if the bottom end is trashed. I also have a spare set of wheels but they don't need much attention unless I attempt to remove the steel lining in the hubs (if that's even possible). Lastly, I was thinking about removing, cleaning and lubricating the swing arm.

I'm guessing there may be something that you'd like to see as well. Feel free to vote through the Comments. If nobody has any preferences, I'll go with the forks and proceed from there based on budget. Thanks for your input.

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