Monday, March 19, 2012

Sights on the Ride Home

Like the rest of the country, Chicago has been enjoying some seriously warm weather. If feels more like the middle of June than the middle of March. Needless to say, a lot of motorcycles have emerged from winter storage with a vengeance. On the way home last week, I encountered a sport bike rider and his girlfriend. She was dressed similarly to this:

Her pants were so tight (and rather transparent), it was easy to determine that she was riding "commando", if you get my drift. Also, she had a gigantic wad of bright blond hair. I do mean "wad". We were riding 45 mph and the wind was blowing into our faces at around 15 mph. Long, curly hair isn't going to remain in a untangled state, for very long, in those windy conditions. Lastly, she had on so much perfume, I could smell it as I rode 20 yards behind them at 45 mph. I wonder what type of effect she had on people when she entered a room. I'm guessing they were all unconscious, from lack of air, within 30 seconds. I will give the boyfriend props though. He never once rode in a manner that would put him or his g/f in any type of danger. He rode within the speed limit, flowed with traffic, used common sense and used his turn signals. Even though neither one of them had a stitch of protective clothing on, he was a credit to riders with respect to his road manners. I can still smell that perfume though.......

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