Monday, March 26, 2012

So Long

The NX125 went to its new home, in Wisconsin, on Saturday. The new owner and his son were a pleasure to meet and to deal with. I wish them lots of fun, enjoyable miles on the NX. Hopefully, they will find it as entertaining as I have. Ride Safely Guys!

Below is a Comment from an anonymous reader (Given). I'm removing it from the Comments section because he provided his email address in the text. I can't modify comments and I don't want web crawlers to pick up his email address (he'll be spammed to death):

Hello my name is Given and I live in central Ohio. I stumbled upon your site here and have read damned near all of it, I too ride an nx 125 and am glad you had a good experience with it. I completely agree with keeping it in a sub urban environment dual sport or not the nx was always geared to be a road bike, I'm sad to hear you never road it with the tighter sprocket ratios it makes a huge difference in top end power. I learned a lot from this site and I am always looking for more actual rider information and unique experiences such as your own. I have to say I truly admire you making a site designated as a very detailed first hand account on riding a nx-125 as a daily rider as I have done the same for the past two years. That motorcycle has done me great the entire way it is an extremely reliable and resilient machine. anyway keep up the great work and keep riding safely. btw i think the vtr commuter blog would be great, I am interested in the same kind of mid range sport bikes and am currently searching for a bike similar if not the same.

 Thanks for the kind words Given. I'm intrigued by your comments regarding the tighter gear ratios. I hadn't really considered that. I figured tighter gear ratios would mean I would "run out of steam" sooner and have a slower top speed. Unfortunately, it's a little late now.

I will be picking up the VTR very early tomorrow morning, in central Indiana. You can find a link to the Commuter VTR blog in the navigation bar, at the right, under the "My Favorite Sites" heading. I would hope to be able to provide the same insight, with respect to bike care, maintenance and riding as I have done here. I'm also hoping that NXChip will continue to provide content (or any other reader that has something to add). I have nothing against small displacement bikes. It just seems that the 250cc motor (either in single or dual cylinder form) is so versatile that it lends itself to almost be a perfect fit in an urban environment. We shall see!

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