Monday, May 16, 2011

Electrical Gremlins are not home

I finally had an opportunity to remove some bodywork and check the electrics. After chatting with Sudco a couple of weeks back, I may have interpreted the hesitation issue as fuel related. It's possible it might be electrical. So, I exposed as many items, on the NX, as the shop manual mentioned. First up was the CDI and the Coil. There really isn't a test for the CDI box itself. There are some resistance and continuity checks for the wiring that plugs into the CDI. All readings were within spec. Next was the coil. Again, everything was in spec. So, I made sure that the connections were tight and the wiring insulation was free of cracks and/or exposed wires. Everything looked good and nothing untoward was discovered. Next up was the regulator/rectifier. Again, everything checked out as being within specification and all wiring connections were clean and tight. The only thing I was unable to check was the timing. I do not own a timing light and I'm wondering if a timing issue would appear and then disappear like this problem has. If necessary, I can take the NX to the dealer for a quick timing check. I have a call and an email in to Classic Honda to see if anyone there can assist. The search continues...

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