Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Thoughts on the Bushwacker

While I hadn't had time to determine what, if any, electrical gremlins I may have (btw, the NX is now running great), I have had an opportunity to evaluate the Olympia Bushwacker in higher temps.

Chicago has had a pretty damp and cool Spring so far but this week has seen conditions resemble late June rather than mid-May. Humidity has been high with the threat of afternoon thunderstorms each day. Temperatures have also been high, mid-to-upper 80s. So, I removed the liner from the Bushwacker and rode home from work. The temps, according to my 'Droid were in the upper 80s. The jacket vented well and at no point did I feel warm/hot while I sat in rush hour traffic. Obviously, I had to adjust the armor positioning straps since the liner's bulk is now missing. Otherwise, I was impressed and comfortable. Having the jacket be a light color (hi-viz), contributes to a lack of solar gain. This will be most helpful during mid-Summer when temps approach the 100º F mark. This morning, when temps were about 20º F cooler than yesterday afternoon, I rode without the liner to specifically test the lower temps limit (w/o liner). The jacket was sufficiently warm since the mesh panels tend not to be on "leading edges", that is the tops of arms and shoulders. I would think on a bike with a windscreen or full bodywork, the threshold might even be lower since your body is (mostly) out of the air stream. I have yet to experience rain but I carry the liner so, I'll be ready.

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