Friday, May 6, 2011

Look Elsewhere

I had been kicking around the idea of contacting Sudco, in southern California, for a few weeks now. I finally had an opportunity and chatted with Josh. In his opinion, the issues are not carburetor related (an interesting thought, I must say). In his opinion, I should start checking electrical things (wires, coils, regulators/rectifiers and connectors). What fun. As anyone who has ever tried to chase an electrical issue knows, problems like these can be total ghosts. They can also be expensive because replacing parts that are not bad is not cheap (especially when it comes to electrics). Another tip he had is to note the throttle position (on the hand grip). I've already noted that if/when the hesitation occurs, it's in the upper rev ranges (6500+ rpm). But, this morning the NX ran flawlessly. So, perhaps it is time to dig out the shop manual and review the procedure for checking electrical components. Also, I may need to strip off the body work and check/clean all electrical connections. Perhaps it might even be something simple.....

I also have another contact; Classic Honda Performance in Texas. Supposedly the owner, Lyle, knows a little something about NX125s. He's in Vegas this weekend but will be back in the shop next week.

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