Monday, May 23, 2011

Still there, lurking....

The local temperatures continue to climb and the NX continues its mysterious hesitation issue. Now, it almost seems as if it's temperature related. The starting procedure is pretty straight forward; turn the petcock to 'on', apply 1/2 choke, flip the ignition switch to "run", turn on the ignition (key) to 'on' and press the starter button. Usually the NX purrs to life and I allow it to warm up before setting off. Before I leave the driveway, I'm at 1/4 choke. Unfortunately, the first major thoroughfare I encounter has a speed limit of 45 mph (realistically, 50 mph). So, the NX has all of three blocks to get the oil warmed up (not going to happen). However, acceleration needs to be quick and the choke is off completely by the time I'm a few hundred yards down the major road. If I don't completely remove the choke, the motor will start to bog (running rich). Since the motor isn't up to temperature, there is usually some hesitation/stumbling. This is where I cannot tell if it's a carburetor issue, an electrical issue or engine-not-up-to-temp issue. If I'm lucky, the engine will be up to temperature within another mile and I'll know if the motor is "on song" or "off song". I'm supposing it's time to bite the bullet and try a new coil. I've noticed that the TTO Rev Counter (tachometer) jumps around quite a bit, I'm talking thousands of rpm, while the motor idles (either at start-up or while waiting for traffic signals). For instance, I noticed that the tach would register between 960 and 2800 rpm while I held a constant throttle during motor warm-up (first thing this morning). I have to believe there will be some delay with the read out due to the way the tach senses electrical pulses (induction). But, why would it jump all over like that? Perhaps it's time for a call into Trail Tech.

I did exchange one email with Classic Honda Performance in Texas. Lyle, the owner, suggested I try another coil but wasn't sure exactly what an NX125 was. He thought it was a scooter. When I replied with clarification and asked if he recommended one of his products (CHP makes a replacement coil that claims superiority over the OE unit), he never replied to my second (or third) emails. So, I cannot say I recommend CHP due to poor customer service. This was after I spoke with one of his staff. She assured me that Lyle answered all emails on a daily basis. I tried to contact him, over the phone, but he never seems to be in the shop. Disappointed, I am.

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