Monday, January 31, 2011

Do Not Pass Go

Well, rats.  There isn't an easy way to incorporate the seat bolts as the forward rack attachment points.  I suppose if I had all of the necessary tools, I could fabricate something but, I don't.

So, we'll try to go with something that makes use of existing attachment points and still provides a (hopefully) stable platform.  I can make use of the upper toolbox bracket and turn signal on the left side and the muffler bolt and turn signal on the right side.  The 3/4" tubing will terminate before reaching the side panels which will allow them to be easily removed.  The same can be said of the seat since we're not going to incorporate the attachment bolts.  My only concern is the proximity of the turn signal and muffler bolt on the right side.  They're only a few inches apart.  This doesn't necessarily provide the most stable base.  But, I figure that by triangulating the 3/4" tube, that makes up the two 'side rails', the 1/2" square tube, that will comprise the base for the E200 rack, won't be relied on to supply most/all of the support.  Additionally, I'll gusset the 1/2" tube, at the 90º bend above the turn signals, for fore and aft, as well as side-to-side, support.

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