Friday, January 21, 2011

Location, location, location

The obvious location for the rear rack is directly above the rear fender.  But, I'm starting to wonder if fabricating a side rack and using a bicycle pannier wouldn't be a better idea.  The issue is this; the rear rack will need at least three, if not four, attachment points.  I can use the two turn signal stalks as forward supports for the rack.  However, there isn't much structure further aft of that location.  If the rear fender were not shown (above), the location of the turn signals is where the frame ends and the rear fender / tail light sub-frame begins.  The side rack could gain support from the attachment points, on the frame, for the tool box, the left turn signal and also tie into the rear passenger peg.  I could probably do something similar on the other side but would have to use the muffler attachment point as the tool box is left side only.  So, the side racks would be similar but not identical.  Jeff Stoess did something similar to his NX250 (see images at right).  Jeff decided to go with ATV Tank Panniers from Tractor Supply.  So, his racks are slightly different than what I would require, based on the mounting points for the bicycle panniers previously mentioned (and linked). However, Jeff's racks are a good starting point and provide a visual point of reference for mounting points.  Thanks Jeff.

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