Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's Next (gear selection)

Having raced cars in the past (SCCA F Production Austin-Healy Sprite and SVRA Group 6 Shelby GT-350), I've always been a proponent of safety gear.  This means that I religiously wear my helmet, jacket, over-pants and boots on every ride, no matter how short/quick.  All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT).  Considering the extreme disadvantage, with respect to operator protection, that bikes have versus cars, it only makes sense (in my mind) to give yourself the greatest chance to survive an "encounter" with a four wheeled vehicle.

However, one "new" consideration I now have is being (more) exposed to the elements because the NX has much less bodywork than the Reflex (scooter).  Even in wet weather, the Reflex does an admirable job of protecting the operator from rain and road spray.  My lower legs, in particular, will be subjected to "road rain" from the front wheel.  So, I'll be adding a rubber flap, a la the TransAlp, to the front fender in an effort to cut down some of that spray.  Additionally, I think I'll be getting a pair of inexpensive rain covers for my riding boots.  Otherwise, I should be good to go with respect to gear.  I have a new Arai XD3 helmet, FieldSheer jacket for early Spring and late Fall, CorTech jacket for late Spring and early Fall and a Hein-Gericke mesh jacket for Summer.  I wear FirstGear HT2 over-pants throughout the entire riding season.  The FieldSheer jacket is waterproof and I have a light weight rain jacket for warmer months (that fits over the CorTech and H-G jackets).  I have a selection of gloves; Joe Rocket for cool weather and are waterproof, Icon Patrol for Spring and Fall and a pair of mesh armored (brand escapes me) gloves for Summer.  Adding the rain boot covers should complete the "collection", as it were.

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