Friday, January 28, 2011

Voices, Inside My Head

Well, they aren't "echo(ing) the things that you said" but they are providing some ideas.

I altered a previously used illustration to provide an idea of what I'm envisioning.  The rendering is a little off but you get the idea (that's what you get for using MS Paint).  Everything visible is going to be 3/4" square tube.  But, I do recall having some 3/4" round tube in my scrap bin.  The scrap tube provides two things; 1 - a finished end that's properly crimped with a hole for the seat bolt and 2 - the round tube may provide a little more clearance for the side panel.  Also, you can see, in this illustration, that the turn signals are mounted on a separate tab.  That's not the case on my NX.  On my bike, they mount where tube, from under the side panel, "T"s into the vertical rack support.  I plan to weld a small piece of round tubing onto the rack support (just below that intersection point) so that the turn signals will pretty much be in their stock location.

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