Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cold but Better

I wasn't expecting to ride today but I couldn't argue with the weather. This morning showed a temperature of 34º F and a forecast high of 46º F and sunny. Since this morning's temp was above the "Mendoza line", I dug the NX out from in front of my car, and took off. She still runs better than she did before (I 'adjusted' the carb). I routinely saw 8K rpm on the tach this morning (so much for 'break-in' time). But, I may still have fuel delivery issues. Around 6500 rpm, there's a pretty good hesitation, like it's running out of gas. Stupidly, I did not measure/check the float height when I had the carb out a couple of weekends ago. Either the float height is too low (running the float bowl dry) or the carb is jetted too lean. We're all aware that a manufacturer's emission trick is to jet the carb on the lean side so the bike(s) will pass the emissions inspection. I wouldn't doubt the same is true here (the main and pilot jets are what the shop manual says they should be). However, the spark plug still indicates the motor is running properly based on the tan insulator near the spark tip. So, I'll need to recheck the float height. I'm hoping to do this with the carb still attached to the engine. It was quite a pain to reinstall it last time. I may also consider a slightly richer main jet (100 is stock, jump to a 102.5 or 105?). Let's hope warm weather gets here soon...

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