Monday, March 21, 2011

FAIL - Fender Flap

As I suspected, the rubber flap was too soft (low durometer) to maintain its shape. I had found it sucked up under the fender earlier in the week and figured that was an ominous sign. It sure was. It happened again over the weekend, during a ride with some friends. This time, I could smell it, ever so slightly, as the front tire wore it to shreds. So, either I find a new source for harder 6" x 6" black rubber sheet or I go with the harder durometer sheet at my local Ace hardware store that's brick red.

Or, I could fabricate a "T" shaped stiffener. The top of the "T" would be pierced by the two center fasteners and the 'run' of the "T" would support the flap. It would have to be made of aluminum so I wouldn't have to worry about (battle) rust.

I can't really figure out how it got sucked up into the fender in the first place. Vibration? Wind deflection? Unlucky bounce? It doesn't really matter, in the long run. Natural selection has run its course and this iteration has become (quickly) extinct. Next!

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