Monday, March 21, 2011

A Long Ride - More Olympia Bushwacker Feedback

This past Saturday was a pretty nice day for (almost) Spring. I met up with a few friends and went for a nice ride (~100 miles). I found myself to be severely deficient with respect to cubic centimeters. I think the next smallest engine was 650cc. Needless to say, I was left behind at almost every intersection. Fortunately, a few others rode 'drag' with me which helped keep me from getting dispatched by aggressive cages. What was really frustrating, was to eventually catch up with the group, only to encounter a change in direction whereupon everyone would zoom away from me again. I played catch-up all afternoon. One thing I did realize was that the engine wouldn't rev over 4K rpm. Something is not right. Initially, it felt like fuel delivery issue. Perhaps the carb had become gummed up over the winter. I cleaned the carb, in record time, to no avail. This morning's commute reveals the  issue remains. Some suggestions involve adjusting the camshaft timing. I will look into that this evening.

The Olympia Bushwacker jacket continues to impress me. Firstly, one of the others I rode with had a jacket with Hi-Viz panels. He was clearly visible from over 1/4 mile away. Also, the temperature was 40º F when I began my ride. I also wore a fleece jersey (base layer) in addition to the jacket's liner. I was comfortable all day. I think asking the Bushwacker to keep me warm @ temps near freezing is asking a lot but it's nice to know the jacket has enough versatility to go from 40º F to near 100º F.

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