Friday, March 18, 2011

Not surprised but then again...

OK, I knew that the NX wouldn't have a whole lot of (horse)power or torque. 125cc has a tendency to be 'light' with respect to both categories. But, I wasn't quite ready to experience "how light" it truly is. Yesterday was pretty warm (upper 60s) but overcast and quite windy. While riding to an after-work appointment (dentist, if you must know), I rode thru a local forest preserve. The road thru the preserve is divided with two lanes in both directions. There is a dearth of places for law enforcement to hide (i.e. no speed traps) so the pace on this stretch of road is usually pretty brisk (50-55 mph) even though the posted limit is 40 mph or 45 mph. I was riding so that the wind was hitting me from the "port bow" (hittimg me at a 45º angle from the front/left). It was enough to knock a good 5 mph off my top speed. Try as I might, I could only get to about 50 mph and, if I let the rpm drop, it was a real challenge to get those revs back. Since I'm still taking it easy on the motor, I have another 400 miles, or so, to complete the break-in, sometimes the NX really suffers with respect to speed. I don't think I've exceeded 3500 rpm since I've begun riding. This is way low of the red line (@ 10,500 rpm) and way low of the engine's maximum output (@ 10,000 rpm). Perhaps I'm being too easy on the motor but I'd prefer to not tax it too much until I put a few hundred miles on it.

It was a little cooler this morning than it was yesterday. I'm going to guess that the Olympia Bushwacker, with the liner, will be good down to temperatures of about 40º F. I was hoping that it would be warm enough to possibly replace my FieldSheer Adventure jacket but I don't think that's going to be the case. While it would be nice to have a one-jacket-does-everything, it's not realistic. I'm still thrilled that I'm able to replace three jackets (as mentioned previously) with the Bushwacker.

BTW, no cavities! And, congratulations to the Michigan Men's Basketball team, who defeated the Tennessee Volunteers in today's NCAA Tournament game. Go Blue.

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