Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rack and Roll

While the daytime temperature range is just below my riding threshold, I can feel that Spring is approaching.  So, I made significant progress this past weekend.  Previously, I had figured out how to attach the rack to handle the loading.  I had basically used 1/2" square tube to use the same fastener for the seat and oriented the tubing to use the turn signals as support.  So, the 'base' was in place and I needed to fabricate the rack itself and then weld everything together.

This is what I originally envisioned which is pretty much what I ended up fabricating.

It's interesting how close the sketch and the actual rack ending up being.  I didn't have the angle of the support quite right (which prevented it from connecting at the rear of the rack but the triangulation is plenty strong).  This picture is kind of dark, I'll post some better images soon.  I still need to drill the rack base for the E200 Givi base plate.  After that, some light sanding (to provide 'tooth' for the paint) and a coat of silver to match the frame.

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