Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rear Rack - Completion

There really wasn't much more to do to the rear rack except to bolt it on the bike, put the turn signals back on and remount the seat. I did take the opportunity to ensure that the turn signal wiring was in it's proper location. There are obvious places where Honda created 'space' for the wiring. Each side of the rear fender has special "troughs" that allow the wiring to pass thru (to connect to the main harness) yet keep water and dirt at bay.

Additionally, there is a large 'boot' that covers all of the connections into the main harness. This boot had been moved forward, exposing the connection points. After reconnecting the turn signals, I made sure the boot was in place and that the main harness was secured within it's holding channel (which is welded to the frame).

Here's the Givi (E36?, E43? - I forget) Top Case mounted on the base plate / rack. This is big enough to hold a set of light-weight jumper cables, a dry sack, a bicycle u-lock and cable, my laptop, lunch cooler and spare pair of (waterproof) gloves. That's a pretty good load and was one of the reasons I worked so hard to fabricate the rack in the first place. The case is a Monokey model which means one key is used to open it as well as lock it to the base plate. It's a pretty slick set-up and I'm happy it came with the TransAlp (which was a surprise, I wasn't expecting to be included). That top reflector, on the case, has holes to accept lights.  And, the case has a knock out to allow wiring to pass thru the bottom.  I think Givi may have intended to offer an optional "light package" for top cases like this. Apparently, they discontinued this line of cases before that became reality. I would like the added brake light and am going to see what's involved to make that work.

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